Kobe & Sanchai

Meet my two furbabies,Kobe & Sanchai.

Kobe is a male canine. He’s 3 years old. Kobe is our first dog. When he was still young, he was very energetic and outgoing.He even danced once. He destroyed almost all our slippers and some of the furniture in the house. Since he is our first dog, when he was younger we have to put him in a cage because we are afraid of being bitten by him. I branded him a spoiled brat because he sleeps with us inside our bedroom every night and he was given his own bed too. Now Kobe is not young anymore. He is mature now. He is now sleeping outside the house. (Brave boy) He don’t play anymore and he is sleeping all day. I can’t play with him anymore since the arrival of our second dog,Sanchai. Sanchai is a female canine. She was from Cebu. I guess Sanchai’s arrival made Kobe very mad. He was jealous of Sanchai. But as time goes by, they became friends. Sanchai is 1 year old. Before turning one, she got pregnant and last November 26,2016 she gave birth to two female puppies. Actually she has 3 puppies but unfortunately the 3rd baby was not able to survive. Her two puppies lived with us for three months before giving them to their new owners.

the two puppies of Sanchai. They are so tiny since Sanchai is also a small dog. Many were shocked knowing that Sanchai was the mother of these two. Sanchai was just 9 months old.
Sanchai breasfeeding her babaies
This is Chady. She is now living with his father. Just in the neighborhood.
This is Richai. She’s now owned by my brother’s girlfriend. Sometimes, she visits us.

Now the puppies are not here anymore, Sanchai has all the attention. She’s like a child. Every time, we go to the city or in the market we have to bring her because she always wanted to ride in the car. If we ask Kobe to join us, he will never go with us because he assumes that we will be heading to the vet clinic and he really hate it.

Sanchai and Kobe are not only pets but they are family. They made us laugh and they give us happiness. I will always believe that dogs are man’s best-friend.


Like a boss ( Sanchai )
They sleep together. (sometimes)

Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP)


Where: Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) Carmen,Bohol,Philippines

L-R Sunaina,Lenie, Me (Joan), Vierna,Ivy

I’m a woman not born for extreme adventures. Heights or any dangerous type of activities is frightening me a lot. I said I won’t really try those. However, I have not escaped myself from trying since all my friends are trying it and I will be left behind if I will not follow them. So I really tried it for the very first time.

Four adventures to be exact.

Forgot the name
The snake ladder
The zipline
The Wave Runner Zipline

It’s one of the best experience of my life.


A Temple of Love

When: 1st March 2017

Where: Temple of Leah (Busay,Cebu City)


With: Jane Asingua and baby Sean, Jennifer Asingua, Caryn and her daughter and Madel


It’s not new to me since I’ve read or seen it in any social media like Facebook and Instagram but the thing is I have no idea the reason why it was build in the first place. What i thought is it was just created mainly for profit. But I was wrong, it was created for  love.This man built this temple for his great love for his wife. I am not that familiar with their love story but I was amazed of how love resulted wit this kind of infrastructure and not only that it allows you to see the beauty of Cebu City since you are on top of the mountain.

The building is not yet finished. Probably, I will visit it again in the near future.

more photos.



A traveler with reservations

Places I visited:


  • Can-umantad Falls (Candijay,Bohol)
  • Roxas Park (Garcia Hernandez,Bohol)
  • Badiang Spring (Valencia,Bohol)
  • Dumuluan Beach Resort (Panglao,Bohol)
  • Bohol Diver’s Resort (Panglao,Bohol)
  • Alona Beach (Panglao,Bohol)
  • Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa ( Dauis, Bohol)
  • Flushing Meadows ( Panglao,Bohol)
  • Bohol Beach Club ( Panglao,Bohol)
  • Hennan Resort Alona Beach ( Panglao, Bohol)
  • Bohol Plaza Resort ( Panglao,Bohol)
  • Boffo Resort ( Loon,Bohol)
  • Basdacu Beach ( Loon,Bohol)
  • Pandanon Island ( Getafe, Bohol)
  • Chocolate Hills (Carmen,Bohol)
  • Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (Carmen,Bohol)
  • Panglao Birdwatchers (Panglao,Bohol)
  • Tubigdaku (Antequera,Bohol)
  • Maberes Resort (Tubigon,Bohol)
  • Pandao Island (Buenavista,Bohol)
  • Baclayon Church ( Baclayon, Bohol)
  • Bohol Bee Farm ( Panglao,Bohol)
  • Balicasag Island ( Panglao,Bohol)
  • Virgin Island “Isola de Francisco” ( Panglao,Bohol)
  • Panglao White beach ( Panglao, Bohol)
  • Panglao Bluewaters Resort ( Panglao, Bohol)
  • Loboc River Floating Restaurant (Loboc,Bohol)
  • Aghao Family Resort (Maribojoc,Bohol)
  • Ocean Suites (Tagbilaran City,Bohol)
  • Bohol Tropics Resort (Tagbilaran City)
  • Blood Compact (Tagbilaran City)


  • Temple Of Leah
  • Marco Polo Hotel
  • Sugbu Mercado (Ayala)
  • Taoist temple
  • Simala
  • Sto. Niño Basilica Church
  • Birhen sa Opon
  • Gerardo’s Grill and Food house (Mactan,Cebu)
  • Villa Teresita Resort


  • Manila Ocean Park
  • SM Mall of Asia
  • SM MOA Arena


  • Tacloban City


  • Camiguin White Island
  • Mt. Hibok-Hibok Ardent spring
  • Sto. Niño Coldspring
  • Stations of the cross and the walkway to the old volcano
  • Sunken Cemetery
  • Katibawasan Falls
  • The Old Spanish Church


  • Dumaguete City
  • Siliman University
  • Boulevard
  • Forest Camp
  • Lalimar Beach Resort (La Lilibertad)
  • Bais City
  • Guihulngan
  • San Carlos


  • Salagdoong Beach Resort
  • The Danish Lagoon
  • Capilay’s Spring Park
  • Coco Grove Beach Resort


These are the places I have visited years ago. I never thought I had traveled to many places. It’s not the end yet since I am looking forward to more adventures hopefully outside PH in the coming years.

You may ask why with reservations?

I don’t just travel anywhere since when I am going to travel I must see to it that it’s not dangerous and should not be an exhausting-type of travel like trekking, water rafting or any extreme adventures. I am a coward traveler that’s why I have limitations.


Random Thoughts

The reason behind

A long time ago, I was inspired of making a blog but before, creating a blog was never easy. You have to familiarize yourself on how to use html to design your blog. So I just ended  using Tumblr. It was an easy way of blogging but I did not like it because it was just like Facebook or Instagram so I stop using it and not only that I stop writing also. I enjoyed IG and FB which is  focused mainly on how to beautify pictures. I don’t even write a lot captions on it and sometimes I just use emojis. I was not able to develop my English language skills for almost 3 years. I had read books but I guess its not enough to develop the use of the language. One must write to enhance his/her writing abilities.

One day, I have heard that nurses are in demand in the United Kingdom so I applied. Fortunately, I was hired so I need to take the IELTS exam since it is one of the requirements.While I was reviewing for my exam, I just realized that I’m not really good in writing. I got lower band scores from my coaches and I have a hard time writing. Maybe, this was the result of not writing in English for 3 years. I was stuck up. I have difficulty in expressing my own thoughts. Then here comes my exam day, even if I have written something on my writing task 1 and task 2, I’m sure that I will not reach the desired band score for UK which is 7 and I was right. So here I am again reviewing my for my next exam. I promised myself to write more so I was thinking I can create a blog again. So this is the reason behind the creation of this blog.

Random Thoughts

It’s a girl thing

24 April 2017

God made humans equally but why being a girl has a number of drawbacks. First, our monthly visitor (menstrual period). Second, getting pregnant. Third,the most painful experience of child-birth. Fourth, it’s not good for us girls to court boys. (There are still a lot to mention but I have to stop with the 4th) P.S. I’m not questioning God.

The first three disadvantages of being girl I have mention may be not discussed thoroughly . My focus will be on the fourth factor which is IT’S NOT GOOD FOR GIRLS TO COURT BOYS”.  How I wish girls just like boys have the freedom to court the one they like without the discrimination of society.  It’s really unfair for girls because they have to wait for that someone who will try to pursue them and what if they don’t like that someone?? Probably, this question is only a problem to those traditional Filipinas like me who still follow the norms that society has engraved for a long time.Nowadays, some girls have the guts to court boys. They will do everything just to have them despite the fact that the one they like is in a relationship. That is why, third parties are common reasons for break ups. Back to the topic, if girls have given the chance to court the boys they like (if it’s a normal thing) then probably girls must have likely less heartaches because they can express their true feelings to the person they really like. Also, some boys who are “torpe”  can benefit from it since they don’t need to start the conversation and the girls will do it for them.

However, in spite of the positive attributes that girls can court boys it can’t be denied the fact the norms are norms and we can’t changed it no matter what.It goes without saying that girls will continue to wait until the man of their dreams arrive. More heartaches,more loneliness-that’s really a girl thing we can’t change.