Who am I?

I am Joan Marie Supremo

A Registered Nurse

From the beautiful island of Bohol

Born on 14th of June,1991

in Cebu City.

I’m a typical girl you always encounter everyday. A girl that is likely to follow the newest trend of society. Thus,I’m not unique in my own little way. I consider myself not special because no one has ever made me feel that I am.

Way back when I have not met my crazy friends, I was the loneliest person in the planet. I don’t really talk that much because I’m shy. Fast ¬†forward high school life. I met new friends that motivate me to be who I am now. I am grateful for the friendship that they have shown me for it help me in building my personality as a person and boost my confidence. Also, I have come to know myself better what I am capable and most importantly the fact that I have a sense of humor that been hidden years ago.