Kobe & Sanchai

Meet my two furbabies,Kobe & Sanchai.

Kobe is a male canine. He’s 3 years old. Kobe is our first dog. When he was still young, he was very energetic and outgoing.He even danced once. He destroyed almost all our slippers and some of the furniture in the house. Since he is our first dog, when he was younger we have to put him in a cage because we are afraid of being bitten by him. I branded him a spoiled brat because he sleeps with us inside our bedroom every night and he was given his own bed too. Now Kobe is not young anymore. He is mature now. He is now sleeping outside the house. (Brave boy) He don’t play anymore and he is sleeping all day. I can’t play with him anymore since the arrival of our second dog,Sanchai. Sanchai is a female canine. She was from Cebu. I guess Sanchai’s arrival made Kobe very mad. He was jealous of Sanchai. But as time goes by, they became friends. Sanchai is 1 year old. Before turning one, she got pregnant and last November 26,2016 she gave birth to two female puppies. Actually she has 3 puppies but unfortunately the 3rd baby was not able to survive. Her two puppies lived with us for three months before giving them to their new owners.

the two puppies of Sanchai. They are so tiny since Sanchai is also a small dog. Many were shocked knowing that Sanchai was the mother of these two. Sanchai was just 9 months old.
Sanchai breasfeeding her babaies
This is Chady. She is now living with his father. Just in the neighborhood.
This is Richai. She’s now owned by my brother’s girlfriend. Sometimes, she visits us.

Now the puppies are not here anymore, Sanchai has all the attention. She’s like a child. Every time, we go to the city or in the market we have to bring her because she always wanted to ride in the car. If we ask Kobe to join us, he will never go with us because he assumes that we will be heading to the vet clinic and he really hate it.

Sanchai and Kobe are not only pets but they are family. They made us laugh and they give us happiness. I will always believe that dogs are man’s best-friend.


Like a boss ( Sanchai )
They sleep together. (sometimes)

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