Random Thoughts

The reason behind

A long time ago, I was inspired of making a blog but before, creating a blog was never easy. You have to familiarize yourself on how to use html to design your blog. So I just ended ¬†using Tumblr. It was an easy way of blogging but I did not like it because it was just like Facebook or Instagram so I stop using it and not only that I stop writing also. I enjoyed IG and FB which is ¬†focused mainly on how to beautify pictures. I don’t even write a lot captions on it and sometimes I just use emojis. I was not able to develop my English language skills for almost 3 years. I had read books but I guess its not enough to develop the use of the language. One must write to enhance his/her writing abilities.

One day, I have heard that nurses are in demand in the United Kingdom so I applied. Fortunately, I was hired so I need to take the IELTS exam since it is one of the requirements.While I was reviewing for my exam, I just realized that I’m not really good in writing. I got lower band scores from my coaches and I have a hard time writing. Maybe, this was the result of not writing in English for 3 years. I was stuck up. I have difficulty in expressing my own thoughts. Then here comes my exam day, even if I have written something on my writing task 1 and task 2, I’m sure that I will not reach the desired band score for UK which is 7 and I was right. So here I am again reviewing my for my next exam. I promised myself to write more so I was thinking I can create a blog again. So this is the reason behind the creation of this blog.


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