Random Thoughts

It’s a girl thing

24 April 2017

God made humans equally but why being a girl has a number of drawbacks. First, our monthly visitor (menstrual period). Second, getting pregnant. Third,the most painful experience of child-birth. Fourth, it’s not good for us girls to court boys. (There are still a lot to mention but I have to stop with the 4th) P.S. I’m not questioning God.

The first three disadvantages of being girl I have mention may be not discussed thoroughly . My focus will be on the fourth factor which is IT’S NOT GOOD FOR GIRLS TO COURT BOYS”.  How I wish girls just like boys have the freedom to court the one they like without the discrimination of society.  It’s really unfair for girls because they have to wait for that someone who will try to pursue them and what if they don’t like that someone?? Probably, this question is only a problem to those traditional Filipinas like me who still follow the norms that society has engraved for a long time.Nowadays, some girls have the guts to court boys. They will do everything just to have them despite the fact that the one they like is in a relationship. That is why, third parties are common reasons for break ups. Back to the topic, if girls have given the chance to court the boys they like (if it’s a normal thing) then probably girls must have likely less heartaches because they can express their true feelings to the person they really like. Also, some boys who are “torpe”  can benefit from it since they don’t need to start the conversation and the girls will do it for them.

However, in spite of the positive attributes that girls can court boys it can’t be denied the fact the norms are norms and we can’t changed it no matter what.It goes without saying that girls will continue to wait until the man of their dreams arrive. More heartaches,more loneliness-that’s really a girl thing we can’t change.


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