The Pink Ambivert


Needless to say, I am always in love with the color pink in spite of its feminine attributes. Some people think that pink is only for “kikay” girls but it’s not true. I am certain that our favorite shade of color does not reflect our personality.  It’s our inner self that says we like  that color because it gives us peace or it’s just that it eases the dilemmas we have in life. It’s like a matter of perspective on how a color can add meaning to our life.


Meanwhile,I was listening to some podcasts of BBC Learning English and I first heard the word “ambivert” and was fascinated by it since I can now describe myself which means I’m between an “introvert” and “extrovert”. Having read certain articles regarding being an introvert and being an extrovert, I can’t perfectly belong to any of those ,since there are certain points that I cannot agree. So the word “ambivert” means a lot to me. I want to thank that someone who created that word.